Jozef Banáš beats the records

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We love such news. When things are going well, man is satisfied and he or she has a reason to smile. Jozef Banáš definitely is this kind of man - as he states it: „A book is written only after it has been read“. He can be satisfied only thanks to you, because his books are being read.

Code 9 and 1 broke the records!
This is wonderful news, which Jozef Banáš has received from his publishing house Ikar recently. Both novels Code 9 and Code 1 beat the sales records in the category of documentary novel.
By the end of 2014 46,450 copies of Code 9 (published in September 2010) were sold, i.e. 10,700 copies annually on average.
By the same date however 30,680 copies of Code 1 (published in September 2013) were sold, i.e. 23,000 copies annually on average.

How did Jozef react to such a success?
„I am deeply touched by the extraordinary reader interest, especially when I consider, that none of the two novels is an easy read. Yes, I do live by the motto: a book is written only after it has been read. And I believe my new novel Velestur will also meet the readers´ expectations. Thank you all, I am very happy!“

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