World famous Dan Brown showed interest in the Slovak novel Code 1

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BRATISLAVA – The success of Jozef Banáš´s novel Code 1-The Secret of the Miracle, which arises extraordinary interest among Slovak readers since its publication in September, has awakened the curiosity of Dan Brown as well.

The world famous American writer and author of the bestselling Da Vinci Code visited Prague this week to introduce his newest novel Inferno. In the Czech metropolis, he also met with Jozef Banáš. “A very short, formal and symbolic meeting was planned as he learned about the fact that our literary critics call me the Slovak Dan Brown,” the Slovak author said to the Press agency of SR. In the end, the meeting turned into a very interesting, cooperative and sincere discussion. The writers talked about literature, the ways of researching and collecting information, as well as about their rituals and their habits of keeping themselves fit.

“I asked him how one could become a world famous writer; Dan answered – You have to get up at four in the morning and write. I replied – then I am close already, as I get up at five and write,” Jozef Banáš revealed smilingly. He further mentioned that the successful American author, whose books have sold 200 million copies worldwide, was very much interested in the content of the Slovak novel Code 1, as well as in the fascinating picture on the front cover of the book. “He showed great interest in topics concerning Jews, Christians and Jesus Christ in India. He asked me to send him the English translation of the novel as soon as possible,” admitted the “Slovak seeker of the truth”. Dan Brown assured Jozef Banáš that in case the novel convinced him he would offer his support in spreading the book among readers abroad.

Jozef Banáš can pride himself on having direct contact to his American colleague, who was impressed by the extraordinary high sales of Code 1. “He did not want to believe that almost 24,000 copies were sold within three months. He was amazed and the publishing house Ikar had to confirm this information,” added Jozef Banáš, who is one of the leading authors of the known publishing house. Up until today, the following of his books have been released by Ikar: Stop Dubček! (2009, Zastavte Dubčeka), Code 9 (2010, Kód 9), Idiots in Politics (2010, 2nd edition, Idioti v politike), The Rat Season (2011, Sezóna potkanov), Last Infidelity (2012, Posledná nevera), The Zone of Enthusiasm (2012, 2nd edition, Zóna nadšenia), Code 1 – The Secret of the Miracle (2013, Kód 1 – Tajomstvo zázraku). Jozef Banáš was awarded the Golden Book for his novel Stop Dubček! (more than 15,000 sold copies). The novels Code 9 and The Rat Season yielded him the Platinum Book Prize (for more than 25,000 sold copies).

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