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Slovak literature seems to be attracting the attention of foreign countries. Two Slovak authors achieved a remarkable success – Daniela Kapitáňová and Jozef Banáš. The January issue of Kosmas (dealing with Czech, Slovak and Central European science and culture) published by the sixth largest and one of the eldest Universities in the USA (established in 1871) – Texas A&M University, devotes its book reviews to two Slovak authors. Tracy Burns writes about Kapitáňová´s novel Samko Tále. Kniha o cintoríne (Samko Tále. A Book about a Cemetery.) and Josette Baer reviews Banáš´s novel Zastavte Dubčeka! (Stop Dubček!). The same issue published, for example, Zdeněk Salzmann´s essay – Jaroslav Seifert, the Czech Nobel Laureate.

The core author of Ikar publishing house, Jozef Banáš, was even featured on the cover of the January  issue of the Indian quarterly literary periodical Saar Sansaar, which published three chapters from his novel Zóna nadšenia (Zone of Enthusiasm) translated by Amrit Mehta. This popular magazine established in 1996 introduces master pieces of world renowned authors to its readers. It is published in Hindu, the third most widely used language in the world (800 million people). During the 15 years of its existence, the journal has presented authors like Günter Walraff, Alphonse Daudet, Franz Hohler, Lion Feuchtwanger, Ivan Bunin, Ahmaad al Bakrí, Kwa Mox, Ruben Dario, Hermann Hesse, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gru Dahle, Jevgenij Jevtušenko, Franz Kafka, Paul Eluard, Heinrich Böll and many more. The following Slovak authors have been presented as well: Jana Bodnárová, Mária Bátorová, Jana Šrámková, Daniel Hevier, Peter Jaroš, Gustáv Murín, Vincent Šikula and Milan Rúfus.

Mária Lešková, Ikar

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