War in Europe? Not in Our Name, Say Schroder, Banas, Miklosko and Others

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Bratislava, December 25 (TASR) - On December 5, media in Germany published anti-war open letter from dozens of distinguished personalities such as former president Roman Herzog and former chancellor Gerhard Schroder. The manifest 'Crisis in Ukraine: Another War in Europe? Not in our Name!' was now signed by Slovak personalities including writers Jozef Banas and Anton Hykisch, banker Imrich Beres, MP Jozef Miklosko and singer Peter Lipa.

Banas points out that the call addressed to the German Government and Parliament is relevant also for Slovaks, seeing as Slovakia forms part of EU. "If something started here, similar to what we experienced in two world wars, the fighting would rage right over our heads. We'll become the battleground," Banas told TABLET.TV.

Banas served in the past as a diplomat in Germany, later the vice-chair of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. One of his most recognised books, Zone of Enthusiasm, details developments in Germany, Czechoslovakia and Ukraine from 1968 until the fall of Iron Curtain on both German and Ukrainian markets.

The personalities who signed the letter warn between the dangers of a war with Russia and demand a new policy of detente in Europe. "We must not push Russia out of Europe. That would be unhistorical, unreasonable and dangerous for peace," reads the document that criticises the Russian annexation of Crimea but on the other hand warns that EU, US and Russia "will inevitably drive Europe to war" if there's no end to "this dangerous spiral of threats and counter-threats".

"I didn't hesitate for a single moment, as I felt a similar call in my heart. I'm glad someone finally came up with this," said singer Peter Lipa. "The East and West are getting ready to take up arms against each other. I'm sure that we all want to live in peace. Hopefully, someone will think this through."

By December 18, 2014, a total of 31,310 people signed the letter, 3,514 of which are from countries other than Germany.
"It's a given for me that every normal person - and not only Germans - should sign this petition. As a Slovak writer, former diplomat, politician and NATO Parliamentary Assembly vice-chair, I regret the fact that the call has gone practically ignored by the media not only in Germany but my country as well," said Banas.

TA SR Press agency of the Slovak republic
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